Xander Pollock

I help software teams build product prototypes and test new ideas with customers in just 5 days

How? By personally facilitating Design Sprints and simulataneously training team members how to confidently facilitate Design Sprints on their own.   


My clients use Design Sprints to build better products and services faster.

Why? It helps them get more done in less time without all the chaos and confusion.

Are you frustrated by tedious meetings, slow requirements gathering, and the struggle of turning your long list of requirements into user-friendly software?  

My name is Xander Pollock and I help internal teams accelerate software design from months to days. With a Design Sprint, we can collect requirements and transform them into a prototype in just 5 days. You get feedback from people before a line of code is written, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in time and mistakes.

If you’re interested in condensing six months of work into one week with a battle-tested process that you can use to predictably produce better, faster results, get my free case study. 


Whenever a CEO needs outside help with a sprint, I tell them talk to Xander. I trust his work. His skillset is unique—not only is he a fantastic designer and facilitator, but he also has experience as a startup founder, so he knows how to get at what really matters for a business.”
— Jake Knapp,
Author of Sprint
former Design Partner at Google Ventures
We worked with Xander to crystallize the vision of a software health feature into a very specific realization that we were able to test against real users at the end of the design sprint. The structured approach to the design sprint meant we made real timely progress against goals, and had the variety to keep people engaged. The design of the process also prevents single voices or viewpoints dominating early in the exploration, and meant we had meaningful contributions from all team members. I’d highly recommend it as a way to move from ideas to concrete testable product concept prototypes.
— Conor Heneghan
Lead Research Scientist at Fitbit
I’ve been doing Design Thinking and Deep Dive workshops for years (with IDEO and as the head of the Innovation team for GS). The Design Sprint led by Xander was one of the most impactful experiences that I’ve encountered. We moved thinking and prototypes along so quickly and effectively in just a matter of a couple days. It was really inspiring and impressive. Xander’s understanding and experience with the Design Sprint was so comprehensive, that he was able to adapt to changes/curveballs from our team on the fly. It was truly impressive.
— Sungene Ryang
Executive Innovation Officer at GSL Labs
Former Associate Partner at IDEO
Served as Managing Director of Asian Pacific
Your leadership and the success of the sprint has quickly become the talk of almost everyone I interact with. The word has even spread to Switzerland and Helsinki. You have received praise and top scores from the engineers who attended the sprint. I ditto all of it. Thanks again for your help and mentorship.
— Helen Phillips, Product Manager at Varian
Xander is an extremely talented product designer and a real joy to work with. He helped us through our first sprint which in hindsight was an absolute no brainer. It’s far better to see if your ideas succeed or fail in 5 days than waste 3+ months and hundreds of thousands of dollars heading off down the wrong track like too many companies do
— Rohan Thompson,
Head Of Digital Strategy At Kinghorn Center For Clinical Genomics
We hired Xander to facilitate our Design Sprint to design a new strategic offering of satellite-derived intelligence to multi-billion dollar asset managers. By the end of the sprint we had a full presentation deck and proposal outlining our offering. We were then able to take this to New York and Chicago and get concrete immediate feedback (most of which was very positive).
— James Crawford
CEO Of Orbital Insight
Xander has a great way of managing the crowd gently and expertly navigating us through the design sprint process. It exceeded my expectations. What would otherwise have taken months to complete was calmly accelerated into one incredibly productive and successful week.
— Corey Zankowski
Senior Vice President, Oncology Software Solutions

Watch a Team Go from Idea to Prototype in Just Five Days While Learning How The Shortcut Works



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