Helping a $10M Grant Winning Stanford Bioengineering Lab Collaboratively Define Success, A Shared Vision and Momentum Towards an Audacious Goal   

  • Generated 31 concepts for a collaborative website to share data discovered on Salmonella infections

  • Guided the team to narrow down to the top five ideas and combined them into a single vision for the teams to research and design towards

  • Expedited the normal academic process, moving 10x faster than normal


Working with Egyptian Activist Wael Ghonim To Build a Prototype And Test a Revolutionary New Product Idea

  • Simplified the main concept into 16 user interface screens (in one day) to prototype an innovative new online service for thought leaders to interact with their fans

  • Tested with 6 thought leaders from around the world


Working with Fitbit to Test a Surprising Pricing Strategy For One of Their Newest Digital Products

  • Built a native iOS prototype from scratch that for an onboarding experience that included a new pitch and way of up-selling to a paid product 

  • Received feedback from five potential customers which allowed the team to make a decision about the next steps

A native iOS prototype exploring a new experience

A native iOS prototype exploring a new experience


Helping a Google Ventures Portfolio Company Validate a Billion Dollar Opportunity

  • Developed a cohesive pitch deck for multi-billion dollar asset managers alongside the CEO and his executive team

  • Closed a seven figure deal using the deck we developed

We hired Xander to facilitate our Design Sprint to design a new strategic offering of satellite-derived intelligence to multi-billion dollar asset managers. By the end of the sprint we had a full presentation deck and proposal outlining our offering. We were then able to take this to New York and Chicago and get concrete immediate feedback (most of which was very positive).
— James Crawford, CEO of Orbital Insights

Collaborating with Australia’s Premier Research Institute to Prototype and Test a Way to Help Regular People Understand and Use Their Genome to Be Healthier

  • Guided a diverse, cross-functional team of scientists, therapists, and technologists to build a prototype in one day that incorporated randomized data to look and feel incredibly real that it fooled all five of our customers

  • Learned that the product concept was flawed, and saved the team hundreds of thousands of dollars because they didn’t end up building it

Xander is an extremely talented product designer and a real joy to work with. He helped us through our first sprint which in hindsight was an absolute no brainer. It’s far better to see if your ideas succeed or fail in 5 days than waste 3+ months and hundreds of thousands of dollars heading off down the wrong track like too many companies do

Helping a 100 Year Old Billion Dollar Public Company Design New Software for a Traditionally Manual Process

  • Designed a user interface workflow that allowed a paper-driven process to go digital

  • Trained two consultants to facilitate the design sprint process on their own

  • Evaluated design sprints as a way to internally to test product ideas in R&D



Designing the Path Forward for a 75 Year Old Seminary to Help Their Students Get the Perfect Job and The Right Training at The Right Time

  • Led a Vice President’s cross-functional team through the design process

  • Prototyped an experience involving interaction between a new careers website and new online course website

  • Produced extremely high-fidelity mock-ups full of believable details like alumni quotes, actual jobs, and course curriculum


Helping Wells Fargo Strategize How to Reach an Undeveloped Customer Group

  • Introduced a Vice President to the banking and work needs of a quickly growing and promising new customer segment 

  • Generated more than two dozen product and experience concepts  


Boosting Enrollment at a Competitive Silicon Valley Private School

  • Evaluated the current process for a parent to enroll their child

  • Designed a tool to get parents to enroll their children at a higher rate than before

  • Tested with five parents and got immediate feedback and direction