Design Sprint Foundations Workshop

Three Hours
Up to 25 participants


Successful product teams have a toolkit of methods and practices to accelerate progress, reduce risk, and better align teams. A Design Sprint is a foundational tool that combines business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more into a battle-tested process that any team can use to work more effectively and efficiently to answer critical business questions.

Over four hours, you will learn and practice the foundational mindsets and methods of a Design Sprint and understand how to adapt Design Sprints to your organization to build better products, faster.

What you’ll learn

After four hours, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Explain the foundations of a Design Sprint

  • Pitch and plan a successful Design Sprint

  • Apply the Design Sprint methods for day-to-day product work

  • Maintain team momentum and progress after a Design Sprint

In addition, you’ll get all your Design Sprint questions answered from a seasoned Product Design and Design Sprint facilitator during a Q&A.

Who should attend

This workshop is for junior and senior designers, product managers, and engineers interested in leading and participating in more effective cross-functional teams.

Facilitated by Xander Pollock


Xander is a Product Designer and Design Sprint facilitator that helps teams design, build, and test new products and services. His clients include companies like Twitter, Fitbit, Cisco, Kodak, Eli Lilly, & Wells Fargo. He was mentored and trained by Jake Knapp (inventor of the Design Sprint) while working at Google. Before consulting, Xander worked at Google for four years on the Google Maps and the Gmail team doing user experience and user interface design. Xander built a software company that was acquired by Google. Xander holds a B.F.A. in Design from California Polytechnic State University.


Design Sprint Overview

  • Real-world case studies with companies like Fitbit, Twitter & Kodak

Pitch and Plan a Successful Design Sprint

  • How does a Design Sprint work?

  • How do I know it’s the right time for a Design Sprint?

  • How do you pick the right problem? 

  • How do I get people to give up 5 days?

Apply the Design Sprint Methods to Day-to-Day Product Work

  • Can I modify the Design Sprint? What should not be modified?

  • What happens after a Design Sprint?

  • What do additional follow-on sprints look like?

  • How can designers do sprints on the same project on an ongoing basis?




  • I will deliver the workshop in-person.

  • A short supplies list will be sent one week prior to workshop.

I understand that plans can change and your workshop may have to be rescheduled. You may postpone and reschedule with my approval without penalty so long as you maintain the existing payment schedule. The quality of my work is guaranteed, and if my work is not consistent with the quality expressed in the accountabilities section, I will refund your full fee.

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